frequently asked questions

Moving Services

What is included / not included?
I just need help with labor only, I don't need a truck, do you provide labor only services?
Is there a minimum hours required?
How early can you start?
How much notice is required to book?
How late can you start your last booking?
How long does it take for my move, generally?
Do you charge extra for stairs?

Reserving a Move?

I've made a booking. What steps should I take now?
Do you require a Deposit?
Are Tips required?
When is the ETA (estimated time arrival)?I have booked a reservation, and customer service let me know it is booked between 12:00-3:00 pm. Does it mean they will arrive anytime between 12:00-3:00 pm? Will there be any delays?
When do you start charging? When do you stop charging your hourly rate?

Rates, Fees & Insurance

How is the total cost calculated?
Do I pay travel time / wait time? Do I pay for meal time?
Are items insured during the move?
Besides the hourly rate, what Extra Costs are calculated?
Are the break times calculated in my fee? Do I need to buy their Lunch?
What if I have more than 2 stops? I have more than one pick up locations and more than one drop off locations. is there an extra charge?

How do you pack Individual items?

How do you pack a TV?
How do you wrap mattresses?
What precautions are used to protect floors or carpets?
How do you transport pianos?

About Us & Contact Info

What is your contact info?
What are your Hours of Operation?
Complaints / Feedback?